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Outdoor Interracial romace

A love Destined to Blossom in the outdoors.Ezra’s life is going exactly as planned. He’s a successful firefighter in the heart of Colorado, is committed to his faith and family life, and relishes exploring the outdoors in any spare time he can squeeze into his hectic schedule. Between it all, he’s busy enough to keep his mind off the one thing he’s missing: a relationship. A weeklong camping and cycling trip to the mountains with his siblings is exactly the distraction he needs.
Leila Morgan is an African-American teacher with a bucket list for summer specifically designed to force her out of her comfort zone—the indoors. With plans to go camping with her best friend, she sets out to expand her horizons…however, she meets a few obstacles along the way. And whether it be a flat tire, an injured ankle on the trail, or a midnight storm, Ezra is at the center of it all.
She never thought she’d see the mysterious but strikingly handsome man again, but here she is, seeking shelter in a neighboring trailer…which belongs to Ezra and his siblings. And after the storm destroys what little shelter she has, Leila is forced to share space with Ezra, who is more than thrilled to show her the breathtaking scenery. It’s not long before a connection sparks between them, despite Ezra’s doubts and ever-present commitment issues.
Determined to put Leila out of his mind after the trip, Ezra returns to his busy life. But, despite Leila’s absence, his attraction to her blossoms more and more with every passing moment, until his committed bachelor status is more than a little at risk.
And while commitment is scary, losing Leila is even more terrifying.
First Site is a sweet interracial romance set in the awe-inspiring world of the Colorado mountains, where love is only a camping trip away.