Free Family Summer Activities

What are we going to do today?
With school being out, this is a common question in my house every day. Things tend to be expensive especially when you have more than two kids; I am sharing a few of the activities we’ve tried as a family for free or cheap, to keep our summer a float. For those who live in the Denver metro area, I’ve specified some of the locations below.

1. Free summer concerts. Check your local library for a list of music and shows that are playing. Englewood Civic Center, Colorado offers several summer concerts. Check their website for more information.
2. Sign up kids for summer reading programs. They get prizes to amusement parks, Free meals to given restaurants or depending on what your location offers. Also, Barnes and Nobles provide a free book if you sign up through them.
– Libraries also offer kids activities throughout the week. Check your local library for their summer schedule.
3. splash parks; These are always free.
4. swimming; Kids 17 and under swim for $1 at any Denver pools.
5. Movies $1 movies at Regal theatre. Check for their schedule, to see what’s playing in a theatre near you.

6. Check out a state parks pass from your library for one week. Take your family to the many state parks Colorado has to offer. I am not sure if other states or cities provide this option, but several libraries in the Denver metro area do.

7. Take a camping trip. It is overwhelming if you’ve never camped before. For your first time, try to join a group of friends or families who have been camping. If they have kids as well, it might be much easier for both kids and the adults. Not only do you get to take turns cooking, but the kids have a blast playing with each other.



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